Services Offered

The school uses a thematic curriculum for primary one, two & three and learning frame work for the kindergarten. The kindergarten section starts with baby class for kids of three years up to pre-primary for kids of up to 5 years, then primary one starts with pupils of 6 years up to P 7.  

We monitor the children’s performance by carrying out weekly assessment, Mid-term and End of term exams.

We do both internal and external exams. We also introduced Beginning of Term Exams (B.O.T)

We always have education/exhibition days and we thank all parents who always come in and interact with the teachers.

The school introduced Islamic lessons for Moslems, they are conducted every Wednesday and this will help them grow in faith.

The school taps all children’s talents by conducting Sports days, Concert days and Swimming galas and every third term we have a concert where we invite you to see your kids dance and sing

The full range of services offered includes:

  • Kindergarten early learning and education services. 
  • Lower Primary school education Services ( P1 to P4)
  • Upper Primary school education Services ( P5 to P7)
  • Day care services (all levels)
  • Boarding section services for both boys and girls (all levels)
  • UNEB center number 538419
  • Insurance package for every pupil in the school
  • A computer Lab for computer studies at school.
  • Transport services (Pick up and Drop home) 
  • Sporting activities including Swimming, Games and Athletics
  • Music dance and drama 
  • Education trips
  • Education/exhibition days

Services in pipeline   

  • School Library

We implement these through a broadly acceptable education structure enriched with co-curriculum and extra-curricular activities to develop a whole some child  

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