We admit children from the age of two and a half years on wards. Below are some downloadable application forms and general information you may need to know about our admissions. Feel free to contact us on the details within the documents for any other inquiries.

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Download this file (APPLICATION FORM.pdf)Application FormApplication Form for admission to Rockford 235 kB%2012-%07-%05 %0:%Jul%+00:00
Download this file (boarding requirements.pdf)boarding requirements.pdf 296 kB%2016-%02-%29 %0:%Feb%+00:00
Download this file (GENERAL ISSUES.pdf)General IssuesInformation on admissions to Rockford Kindergarten215 kB%2012-%07-%05 %0:%Jul%+00:00
Download this file (HEALTHY FORM.pdf)Health FormChild Health Details form incase of any complications332 kB%2012-%07-%05 %0:%Jul%+00:00
Download this file (REQUIREMENT FORM.pdf)REQUIREMENT FORM.pdfAdmission requirement/checklist to Rockford Kindergarten241 kB%2016-%02-%29 %0:%Feb%+00:00
Download this file (Rockford brochure2.pdf)Brochure 738 kB%2015-%06-%09 %0:%Jun%+00:00
Download this file (SCHOOL RULES.pdf)School RulesRockford Kindergarten School Rules and Regulations78 kB%2012-%07-%05 %0:%Jul%+00:00
Download this file (Serial.txt)Serial.txt 0.1 kB%2013-%09-%09 %0:%Sep%+00:00
Download this file (term planner term 1.pdf)term planner term 1.pdfterm planner term 1 2016185 kB%2016-%02-%29 %0:%Feb%+00:00
Download this file (Term Planner term 2 2016.pdf)TERM PLANNER TERM 2 2016TERM PLANNER TERM 2 2016226 kB%2016-%06-%07 %0:%Jun%+00:00

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