Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals

Swimming LessonsVision

The School’s Vision is To have in place an Education Institution that develops children's talents holistically.”


The School’s Mission is “To provide quality education services based on a holistic approach by developing a child’s social, emotional, spiritual and physical reliance.”

Core values

The Schools core values are: Commitment, Team work, Time Management, Trustworthiness’ Quality Servises, Good client relationship, God fearing , Image and Brand.


  • To train a wholesome person based on integrity, God fearing, self-reliance and excellence for the good of the nation
  • To nourish (or nurture) God fearing Children
  • To equip pupils with knowledge and skills that promote self-reliance
  • To promote and develop children’s talents for intellectual and social development
  • To train children to interact and socialize with one another

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