Academic at Rockford SchoolWe teach children using the learning frame work for the Kindergarten and our emphasis is reading and teaching. We use the Thematic curriculum for P.1 to  P.7.

We monitor the children’s performance by carrying out Beginning of Term Exams (B.O.T), weekly assessment, Mid-term and End of term exams.

We do both internal and external exams. 

We always have education days where the progress of the leaner is checked by both the parents and the teachers. And on this note, we thank all parents who always come in and interact with the teachers.

The school has Islamic lessons for Moslems, they are conducted every Wednesday and this helps them grow in faith.


Our Kindergarten admits children as shown in the age groups below;

  • 21/2 -- 3 Years ----- Alpha Class
  • 3 -- 4 Years---------- Baby Class
  • 4 -- 5 Years --------- Middle Class
  • 5 -- 6 Years --------- Pre-primary Class
Our primary section begins from P.1 to P.7 .There is also a Boarding section for both Boys and Girls. 
We have a computer lab for computer studies at school.
And come 2018 we shall have a well stocked school library.

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